Investigating the
biophysical basis of computation
& the computational basis of pain

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 Spring / Summer 2016

Clean sweep! All 3 of our graduate students win poster prizes at the CPIN Research Day.

A round of applause for Dhekra, Husain, and Petri.


Congratulations to the lab's studentship and fellowship recipients.

- Dhekra received a CIHR Graduate Research Award

- Husain received a NSERC Graduate Research Award

- Milad received a FRQS Postdoc Fellowship

- Amin Kamaleddin, a student set to start a Ph.D with us in September, was offered the Ontario Trillium Scholarship.

Well-done to everyone!


CAN meeting coming to Toronto
Many abstracts submitted by our lab for the CAN meeting in May = Many of us looking forward to discussing science! Come visit. Also make sure you attend the symposium Nociceptive Circuits: From Molecules to Behaviour, Wednesday afternoon.